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Redmond Roofing is fantastic, fast, and honest, and has THE best crews ever!
By: K. Kirkland ~ 12/22/2016

Bob is the owner and replaced the roof on my house prior to selling. I'd had several bids and done my own research first as well as collected notes from neighbors, friends and family before deciding. The final piece for me was when my next door neighbor had his cedar roof replaced (by Redmond Roofing) The crew was so incredibly respectful it was mind boggling! By respectful I mean of everyone's time - they never started before 8am, of noise - no blaring music, yelling, cursing, etc, No Mess - they pulled a dump truck into the driveway and as they tore down the old roof they immediately and neatly discarded every bit into the truck and kept the driveway swept, not just throwing things from the roof willy-nilly hoping it might make it, and were always cleaned up and out of there by 5pm. One day they needed to reach an especially high peak of his roof and his outdoor outlets weren't working on that side of the house. I happened to be near the fence line and they very politely asked if I might have a working outlet in my shed they could use because he wasn't answering his cell phone and they didn't want to fall behind on his roof since it was due to rain the next day. I was more than happy to plug in for them, and when they came around the fence one of them noticed my motorcycle parked outside without a cover. He insisted on covering it up himself with a brand new tarp from his truck despite the fact it wasn't running at the time and told me to keep it, so my bike would have a cover. Who are these guys?

When I had my roof replaced a few months later I had a different crew, but they were just as lovely as the others and ended up doing some priming and painting for me as well because I needed some fascia boards  replaced and you need to prime them before installation and paint after, so rather than wait for me to try and get it done while I'm working on the rest of the house they were able to work that into their schedule and still complete it all on time and for less than most of the other bids I'd gotten previously.

And I certainly got a much better feeling from talking to Bob who was a total straight shooter.